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Down at the Hot Rock CD's ** $15

This original blend of "New-Age Old-Time Folk Grass" is pulled from a rich ground of deep southern roots. Down at the Hot Rock is laced with Rebecca Holbrook's banjo, guitar and banjo/ukelele, as well as fiddle and multi-instrumental contributions by artists from Nashville, Memphis and Birmingham.  She crafts rhythmic storytelling, haunting ballads and  rollicking "killin' songs" in a voice rich with passion and humor.

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Dancing Heron Shirts ** $18

**YES**  Dancing Heron shirts are HERE!  

Check out the image below to get an idea of the designs and colours that are available (the larger design with the heron logo is on  the front of the shirts; the "quote" about the "Heron now" is on the back).  Sizes for women are small, medium and large, in sapphire and lilac; men's sizes are medium, large and extra large in royal blue and kiwi.  

We will have some of these shirts for you to see and hold and consider during our upcoming dance at The Centre.  They will be only $15 for those who come to dance with us at one of our dances.  See you there! 

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